Paper presented at the EPRI Second Fossil Plant Cycle Chemistry Conference detailing the chemistry of corrosive solutions in large fossil fired power plants.

Paper presented at the EPRI Conference on Boiler Tube Failures in Fossil Power Plants, 1988, giving a technical discussion of boiler tube corrosion failures.

Paper presented to the International Water Conference, 1994, on the evaluation and engineering of Electro Deionization processes for installation at Dave Johnston Plant.

Paper presented at the American Power Conference, 1980, regarding the engineering, mechanical operation and chemical operation of the Hunter Plant sulfur dioxide scrubber.

Paper presented at ASME Committee on Power Plant and Environmental Chemistry on the Wyodak Plant air cooled condenser and its impact on plant chemistry.

Paper presented at ASME Committee) on Power Plant and Environmental Chemistry on a simple but accurate method for testing the thermodynamic performance of power plant cooling towers.