The History of M&M Engineering

In 1977, Radian Corporation (Radian) hired a group of engineers and established a Failure Analysis laboratory in Austin, Texas at the behest of their parent organization, Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company (HSB).  The technical staff and laboratory, known as Mechanical & Materials Engineering, would meet the felt need of HSB to provide engineering support and assistance in claims investigations and loss prevention activities.  After a decade of providing exclusive support for HSB, Mechanical & Materials Engineering broadened their client base to include commercial work.

In 1998, HSB divested itself of Radian Corporation, but bought back Mechanical & Materials Engineering, setting it up as a division within HSB.  Late in 2000, American International Group (AIG) acquired HSB and its subsidiary companies.

In 2008, employees of Mechanical & Materials Engineering established an S-corporation for the purpose of purchasing the assets and hiring the staff of Mechanical & Materials Engineering LLC, thereby establishing M&M Engineering Associates, Inc. (M&M Engineering).  HSB and Chartis (AIG) remain clients of M&M Engineering.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help our worldwide clients to improve their financial position by using our diverse knowledge to define and prevent equipment degradation leading to the prevention and control of failures.  Our team services industry through cost effective application of technically superior engineering and science.

We value equally our employees and customers and operate so as to maximize the chances for mutual technical and financial success.  We operate with integrity and strive for a competitive position in the marketplace.  Profitability consistent with our industry, long-term security, growth, and career satisfaction are our key motivators.

Acuren is a registered contractor/service provider with the following: ARIBA, BROWZ, and ISNetworld.


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