Ronald Lansing, P.E.

Consulting Engineer

Contact Information

Phone: 503.706.8124

Biography and Experience

Licenses and Certificates:

Registered Professional Engineer, Metallurgy, State of Oregon, No. 11960

Registered Professional Engineer, Metallurgy, State of Washington, No. 23982

Registered Professional Engineer, State of Oklahoma, No. 23538

Areas of Specialization:

Since 1981, Mr. Lansing has provided engineering evaluation, auditing, and condition assessment services on boilers, cogeneration units, pressure vessels, tanks, and process equipment in the United States and internationally .  He has worked in pulp and paper mills, power plants, ammonia plants, refineries, shipyards and electronics plants.

As lead engineer for on-site engineering evaluation of pulp and paper mill process equipment, Mr. Lansing has coordinated a wide variety of on-site welding, corrosion, and nondestructive testing tasks to expedite emergency repairs, failure investigation and normal outage maintenance and repairs; these include rapid response modifications, and follow-up inspection recommendations.

Mr. Lansing has worked as a field failure investigator for mechanical equipment failure on boilers, mobile logging equipment, pressure vessels, power transmission line towers, ships, and aircraft, plus welding and corrosion related failures.  These projects have included fire damage, fatigue, operator error and design error damage causes.

Mr. Lansing was also lead engineer for a five-person team investigating the frame cracking of an articulated bus fleet.  The project included nondestructive evaluation of the frame, weld metallurgy, and empirical stress analysis road testing.

As quality assurance auditor, he has performed on-site evaluations of vendor’s Quality Assurance Programs for major clients.

Recent legal investigations have included a freight elevator fatality, a huge forging press fatigue failure, and electronic plant equipment contamination damage.  These have also included a variety of consumer product failures.