Combustion Turbine Rotor Assessment

  Make Informed Life Extension, Repair or Replacement Decisions Understand Current Conditions of Equipment Provide Guided/Informed Instructions for NDE Inspection   Determining the metallurgical condition of a combustion turbine rotor... Read more »Read more

Finite Element Analysis and Computational Mechanics

Evaluate Design Adequacy of New Equipment Evaluate Fitness-for-Service of Existing Equipment Supplement Failure Analysis to Determine Root Causes and Engineer Optimum Repair Solutions Provide Quick, Practical, Cost-Effective Solutions Acuren has... Read … Read more

Independent Third-Party Laboratory

Case Evaluation and Technical Data Review Test Methods Development and Planning Evidence Identification and Documentation Laboratory Testing and Documentation Critical Review of Test Data Concise “easy-to-understand” Reporting Depositions and Scientific Expert... Read more »Read more

Smart Non-Destructive Testing

Rapid damage assessment Direct conferencing and decision making NDT quality oversight as a third party QA/QC Repair and welding quality oversight Focused NDT with less redundant or unnecessary testing  ... Read more »Read more

High Energy Piping Assessment

Use Hanger Surveys and Visual Inspections to Monitor the “Health” of Your Piping System Stress Analyses to Identify Areas of High Stress Recommend Locations for Non-Destructive Testing and Appropriate Testing Method(s) Determine... Read more »Read more

Accident Investigation

Determine Cause and Establish Procedures to Prevent Recurrence On-site Examination and Evaluation of Components Accurate & Complete Documentation Materials Laboratory Services Acuren provides highly trained engineers with expertise in conducting... Read more »Read more

Metallurgical Condition Assessment

Understand Current Conditions of Equipment Provide Guided/Informed Instructions for NDE Inspection Make Informed Repair or Replacement Decisions      Determining the metallurgical condition of a damaged component can provide information... Read more »Read more

STRAP – Steam Turbine Risk Assessment Program

Extend time between outages Help plan turnaround scopes Improve equipment availability Quantify risk of operating parameter changes Reduce overall risk Reduce financial risk Decision-making by cost benefit ranking STRAP Secure... Read more

Materials Science Laboratory

Metallurgical Examination Fractography SEM Elemental Analysis Hardness Testing Customized Component Testing Compositional Analysis Acuren’s has multiple Materials Science Laboratories, with Acuren – Austin located just outside of Austin in Leander,... Read more »Read more

Support for Industrial Insurers and Independent Adjusters

Technical Support for Claims Investigations Risk Analysis Litigation Support Prompt, Accurate Condition Assessments to Make Effective Decisions   Because claims investigations generally result from an accident or an unplanned incident,... Read more

HRSG Condition Assessment

Gas-Side and Water-Side Inspections Visual Inspections, NDE and Metallurgical Analysis Water/Steam Chemistry Review and Troubleshooting Failure Investigations   Acuren provides an experienced set of eyes to examine the health of... Read more »Read more

Failure Analysis

Minimize Outages Caused by Equipment Failures Correct Characterization of Equipment Failures Discover the Root Cause and Determine the Best Solution       Every industry strives to minimize both the... Read more »Read more

Water Treatment Technologies Services

Reduce Costs Improve Performance Improve Reliability Optimize Efficiency Uncover Latent Issues and Opportunities Acceptance of the status quo is all too common even though it can mean higher costs in... Read more »Read more

Steam Cycle Chemistry Services

Minimize Boiler Chemical Cleanings Reduce Equipment Failures Optimize Chemical Treatment Programs       Water and steam chemistry have a tremendous effect on the availability and reliability of steam generating... Read more »Read more

Boiler Tube Assessment

Use Metallurgical Condition Assessment to Monitor the “Health” of Your Boiler Understand the Root Cause of Failure Recommend Strategies to Prevent Boiler Tube Failures Predict Boiler Tubing Remaining Useful Life Boiler... Read more »Read more