Max D. Moskal

Principal Engineer

Contact Information

Phone: 512.407.3755

Biography and Experience

Areas of Specialization:

Mr. Moskal began working in the paper industry in 1964 while employed with the Continental Group.  In 1983, Stone Container (now RockTenn) acquired Continental, where Moskal was Project Manager of Metallurgical Engineering.  Mr. Moskal has been responsible for project activities involving nondestructive testing, corrosion, failure analysis, materials specification, and welding.  He has worked on all critical equipment problems in paper mills, including corrosion fatigue of suction rolls, stress-assisted corrosion of boiler equipment, paper machine dryer problems, digester corrosion and cracking, deaerator cracking, and bleach plant corrosion.  He has pioneered the use of duplex stainless steel for digesters in North America, and has developed quality and corrosion acceptance tests for welded duplex stainless steel.

Mr. Moskal provides assistance to clients in the pulp and paper and process industries by helping them understand corrosion mechanisms and solutions to component- or system-specific corrosion problems, including changes in materials of construction.

Mr. Moskal has authored more than forty papers on materials, corrosion, nondestructive testing, and quality control of equipment.  He contributed to many publications, including the books: Volume 13 of the Metals Handbook; Volume 7 of Pulp and Paper Manufacture; Stainless Steels and Specialty Alloys for Modern Pulp and Paper Mills; WRC Bulletin 488, Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipment in the Pulp & Paper Industry.  He has also served on the Tappi Journal Editorial Board

A list of papers written by Mr. Moskal can be viewed by visiting Publications by Max Moskal, P.E.

Mr. Moskal, a TAPPI Fellow and NACE member, has served in all chairs of the TAPPI Corrosion and Materials Engineering Committee and currently serves on the Material and Welding Subcommittee of BLRBAC.  He won the prestigious TAPPI Engineering Division Beloit Award in 1995 and the Leadership Service Award in 1990.