Judah Rutledge, P.E.

Senior Engineer

Contact Information

Phone: 512.407.3761

Biography and Experience

Judah Rutledge is involved in Failure Analysis for a variety of components in the paper industry and the power generation/electric utility industry. His roles include failure analysis and condition assessment for mechanical assemblies, boiler tubes, and piping systems based on an analysis of weld integrity, microstructure condition, and bulk material properties.

Mr. Rutledge’s background is in Mechanical Engineering with specializations in both structural mechanics and the fluid-thermal sciences. His work includes research in dissimilar metal welding processes, hydroelectric energy, numerical modeling, and light aircraft design and construction. This experience provides a strong understanding of the effects of thermal-mechanical loads on systems and how these lead to component failures.

Mr. Rutledge also has experience developing and validating computational models for a variety of industry processes, such as heat transfer models for various welding processes and structural analysis using finite element analysis (FEA).  His FEA experience includes linear-elastic structural analysis, heat transfer, and fluid flow analysis using 3D, 2D axisymmetric, and purely 2 dimensional models. These modeling capabilities allow a more precise description of failures that have occurred and/or a better understanding of the NDT requirements for system inspections.

Mr. Rutledge completed his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree at LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas.