Jonathan McFarlen

Consulting Engineer

Contact Information

Phone: 512-407-3773

Biography and Experience

Areas of Specialization:

Boiler Inspection & Evaluation

Jon McFarlen is involved in the failure analysis of a wide range of components, including pressure vessels and piping, boilers and auxiliaries, heat exchangers and rotating equipment.  These failure analysis examinations have included the development of laboratory testing programs for parts received, supervision of laboratory work, interpretation of laboratory results, and issuance of written and oral reports.  He also performs onsite analysis of in-service failures.

Mr. McFarlen has experience performing finite element analyses (FEA) on various components.  Models have included 3D, 2D axisymetric, linear and non-linear, utilizing isotropic and orthotropic materials.

He also has experience in the evaluation and analysis of high energy piping systems.  Tasks have included hanger surveys, stress analysis of systems, identifying locations for further evaluation by NDE, and recommending appropriate repair methods.

His experience extends to inspecting tanks of various sizes and construction methods, including API 650 Tanks.  Tank inspection and repair methods are based upon API 653.  He has experience inspecting pressurized vessels of various sizes and service environments including reactors, evaporators, and digesters.  Tasks include determining the necessary NDE inspection techniques, interpreting inspection results, recommending further actions, and evaluating flaws and degradation using API 579 fitness for service guidelines.

Mr. McFarlen has experience in evaluating boiler equipment.  Tasks include determining necessary NDE inspection techniques, managing NDE personnel, evaluating inspection results, and recommending further actions.

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