Henry Kight

Outage Prep Technician

Contact Information

Phone: 512.407.3776

Biography and Experience

Areas of Specialization

  • Mechanical Prototype Fabrication
  • Metallurgy Sample Preparation
  • Creation of  Process Control Systems
  • Creation of Engineering Work Instructions
  • Thermal Analysis of Electronic Systems

Mr. Kight has extensive experience as a Mechanical Engineering Research Technician with specific expertise in Airflow and Thermal analysis relating to computer products as well as hands on experience in the design and fabrication of mechanical prototype demonstration models.

Mr. Kight has extensive experience in the evaluation of electronic products for UL/CSA safety regulations as well as FCC product certifications.

As a Global Quality Control Manager, Mr. Kight was responsible for the design of shop floor control systems used to monitor and report factory quality data.  Statistical Process Controls were used in the collection and analysis of data used to determine the root cause and ultimate resolution of factory quality issues.  Mr. Kight has traveled extensively in Europe, the Far East and South America and has been involved in factory design and process control in several factories.

Mr. Kight has worked in developing ISO 9000-9001 quality programs for several companies and has experience as a quality auditor for several computer manufacturing companies.

Mr. Kight has also managed documentation groups and two different companies with responsibilities that included all IQC specifications and all factory work instructions.