David Stone


Contact Information

Phone: 512-407-3770

Biography and Experience

Mr. Stone specializes in managing large field inspections through recommending non-destructive testing (NDT) regimen, managing NDT personnel, providing necessary testing, and performing engineering evaluation of inspection results.  Mr. Stone has managed teams as large as 50 persons in varied settings and industries to maximize reliability for his clients.

He employs this experience toward the on-site evaluation of a wide array of componentry to detect alteration through service or disruptions (such as fire, chemical, or mechanical events).  A working knowledge of failure mechanisms affecting industrial equipment and material specifications allows targeting non-destructive or minimally-invasive inspection techniques such as field metallographic replication (FMR), hardness testing, chemical analysis, and videoscope inspection to deliver clients prompt results.

David Stone is involved in the failure analysis of high-temperature pressure-bearing components including piping and tubing from HRSGs, coal, gas and kraft boilers, as well as those in chemical plants.  These examinations typically include developing and performing testing regimen, interpretation of results, and issuance of engineering reports.

His laboratory background includes performing necessary laboratory tests for metallurgical evaluations such as metallographic preparation and examination, conducting optical emission spectroscopy (OES), conducting micro and bulk hardness, and conducting scanning electron microscope (SEM) examinations.  Academic experience included design and testing of nuclear instrumentation.

Areas of Specialization: