David G. Daniels

Senior Principal Scientist, Water & Steam Chemistry Specialist

Contact Information

Phone: 512.407.3752

Biography and Experience

Mr. Daniels uses his expertise and experience to help clients with a number of water and steam chemistry related problems.  Recognized as an expert in water/steam cycle chemistry for utility and industrial power generation clients, Mr. Daniels’ specialty is steam chemistry in boiler and turbines from small heating boilers to large utility units.

Mr. Daniels consults internationally with utilities on steam chemistry and corrosion issues.  He performs water chemistry audits at utilities to determine improvements on chemical treatment and monitoring, thus saving the utilities thousands of dollars in reduced maintenance costs.

Prior to joining M&M Engineering Associates, Mr. Daniels served as Laboratory Supervisor for the inorganic section of Radian International LLC.  In addition to his water and steam chemistry consulting, he worked in the areas of utility pollution prevention and process chemistry.

Prior to moving to Texas, Mr. Daniels was the chemical supervisor at a coal-fired station with three 2600-psi units.

Mr. Daniels is an active member of the ASME Research and Technology Committee on Water and Steam in Thermal Systems.  Since 1999, he has been the contributing editor of Power Magazine in the area of Water Treatment and Steam Chemistry.

Areas of Specialization:

A list of papers written by Mr. Daniels can be viewed by visiting Publications by David Daniels.