Call for Minority Subcontractors for City of Austin Solicitation No. CLMP193

March 1, 2016

M&M Engineering Associates is preparing a response to the City of Austin’s Request for Qualifications for Solicitation No. CLMP193, 2016 ID & Analysis of Power Generation Facilities Rotation List.  M&M Engineering is looking for minority and woman owned businesses to partner with them.  We need companies registered with the City of Austin as African American, Hispanic, Asian/Native American and WBE.  We are seeking companies that offer non-destructive examination (NDE) and/or certified welding inspection (CWI) services.  We are also looking for a company holding an “R” stamp by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspection.

NDE services sought include: ultrasonic shear wave testing, ultrasonic thickness testing, ultrasonic testing for hydrogen embrittlement, radiographic examination using iridium or cobalt sources, magnetic particle examination (dry and wet), eddy current, visual examination of boilers, video borescope examinations, mechanical testing including field hardness testing, chemical composition analysis, acoustical leak detection, ultrasonic oxide thickness measurement, positive metal identification (PMI), and flux leakage test.  The NDE provider must have at least an ASNT-TC-1A Level II certification.

CWI services needed include: review and approval of welding procedure specifications (WPS), procedure qualification records (PQR), and welder performance qualifications (WPQ).  The CWI must have at least an AWS-CWI certification to perform B31.1 visual inspections.

Experience working with the City of Austin and/or Austin Energy is highly desired.

If your company provides any of the services listed above, or other services that may be required for work anticipated under Solicitation No. CLMP193, and you are interested in being included as a team member for this solicitation response, please provide the following information either by email ( or fax (512-407-3766) by March 15, 2016:

Company Name:
Telephone number:
Fax number:
Contact name:
Contact email:
Company website (if applicable):
Vendor Code:
WMBE Code & G/E designation:
Brief description of work previously provided to the City of Austin and/or Austin Energy:

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